Congratulations to Utah’s 2018 State Criterium Champions!

Mark Shaefer, Masters Men 55-59
Dirk Cowley, Masters Men 60-64
Larry Peterson, Masters Men 70+
Mackenzie, Junior Women 10-12
Maren, Junior Women 14-15
Jackson, Junior Men 10-12
Johann, Junior Men 13-14
Zack, Junior Men 15-16
Braden, Junior Men 17-18
Margaret Douglass, Masters Women 60+
Nina Wade, Masters Women 35-49
Mary Emerson, Masters Women 50-59
Jason Castor, Masters Men 45-54
Cam Candelaria, Masters Men 35-44
Adrienne Tyler, Women Cat 5
Megan Foley, Women Cat 4
Nicholas Dorsett, Men Cat 5
Danny Frederick, Men Cat 4
Ben Stevenson, Men Cat 3
Lindsey Stevenson, Women Cat P-1-2-3
Bryce Olsen, Men P-1-2

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